Theme Cruise Management

No matter what size or theme – Sea Planners Group has the resources & expertise to make just about any theme cruise a success.

Theme cruises are a great way to promote a charity or gather like-minded individuals for days of fun, educational sessions, team building and camaraderie. Such cruises are often initiated by non-profits, charities, affinity or user groups and fan clubs with a particular theme or focus (for example: chocolate lovers, food & wine, football or soccer fan clubs, rock or dance music cruises, etc). Often these groups many not have the experience, expertise or resources on-staff to effectively plan, market and manage in a theme cruise — that’s where Sea Planners Group comes in.

No matter what type of theme cruise you have in mind, from small group to full ship charter, we can help. Sea Planners Group can assist with every single element of a theme cruise from developing a strategy, budget and P&L management, marketing, staffing & production. In fact, it is because of our expertise, experience & client satisfaction in this area that even the cruise lines may refer to us for theme cruise needs.

Theme Cruise Management Services (as needed):


  • Overall strategy
  • Ship selection & negotiation
  • Pricing and revenue strategy
  • P&L forecasting
  • Itinerary planning
  • Events and activities development and scheduling
  • Ship and excursion customization

Marketing & Registration

  • Creative development (logo, branding, etc)
  • Custom web site development, design, and hosting
  • Event registration, booking and payment processing
  • Content marketing and Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Public relations and media outreach
  • Advertising and campaign development (pay per click, retargeting, print, tv, radio)
  • Email and direct marketing campaigns
  • Social media strategy and management

Event Production and Execution:

  • Overall event management
  • Onboard event managers, coordinators and supplemental event staffing
  • Pre & post logistics
  • Event production and scheduling
  • Profit & loss analysis
  • Crisis management & on the fly expertise

To learn more, for help or to simply discuss a theme cruise idea you may have,  click here or call 803.760.0013.